For most organisations and individuals,
a gap exists between current and potential performance. 


We add value by working with you to:

  • assess current performance levels

  • identify priorities and then

  • bridge performance gaps on your transformation to excellence





1. Practical Experience

Over 25 years advising, coaching and educating major organisations such as:
Adelaide Bank, Amcor, Bank of New Zealand, Boral, Brambles, Carl Zeiss, CBA, Coles Myer, CSR, ETSA, FOXTEL, GlaxoSmithKline, HCF, Kellogg’s, Lucent Technologies, MIM, MLC, NAB, NM Rothschild, NRMA, Pechiney Asia Pacific, Pfizer, Procter and Gamble, Rio Tinto, Royal Australian Navy, SA Government, Save the Children Australia, Serco, Serco Sodexho, Sunbeam Appliances, Sydney Water, Telstra, Telecom NZ, Tomago Aluminium, Toyota, UniSuper, Volvo, Wattyl Paints and more.


2. EXperiential KNOWLEDGE

Leading, facilitating, organising multiple Executive best practice study tours to the West Coast of the USA, Europe and Australasia over the past decade. 

It has been a privilege to collaborate and interact with these organisations deemed leaders in exemplifying Business Excellence. These exchanges have provided a rich, diverse, real world learning laboratory as to the practices, ethos, cultures, orientation, processes and business ecosystems that allow these organisations and their leaders to push the boundaries of excellence and see what is possible. 


Conducting in-depth surveys and publishing findings and insights reports on topics related to Business and Personal Excellence. Two recent examples include:

1. Customer Excellence
A survey of fifty Asian, Australian and European organisations to assess their Customer Excellence Quotient. To date no Australian company is assessed as being in the top performance tier of customer centricity. 

2. Personal Excellence
Ongoing survey of ≈250 Executives and Entrepreneurs from five countries. Allows participants to examine and assess their personal effectiveness performance across 80 holistic elements and compare to others in the survey pool.